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About Rocky


Rocky started life in Indiana. From the time he was a baby he would stare at the television when a sports event was on the screen. The Dodgers became is favorite baseball team and the Rams his favorite football team.. His college favorite was Notre Dame.

He played softball, baseball, basketball, and football. He was taught to never look behind him when carrying the football toward the goal and the family still laughs about the time a game was played on a very muddy field. Rocky received the pass from the QB and took off for the goalline, losing first one shoe in the mud and then the other, yet he never looked behind him and he never stopped. He made the touchdown. From this and other childhood experience, he learned to look optimistically toward the future with no regrets for what could have been.

In 1975 the family lived in Madison, Wisconsin. New furniture was delivered for Rocky's bedroom where the walls were covered with team pennants. The bunkbeds were so Rocky's cousin could spend the night and the maple dresser was big enough to hold lots of clothes and a drawer for memorabilia. The furniture placed in his bedroom, Rocky's mom left her son in his room and went downstairs to pay the delivery men. When she returned, Rocky stood smiling next to the dresser and pointing to his new carving into the top of the dresser. The words were "Pay Haden" and Rocky explained the guy had recently been drafted as QB on the LA Rams team. Rather than disciplining the kid, his mom just shook her head, recognizing her son was too crazy about sports and thinking it probably wasn't a great idea to buy Rocky new furniture.

When he was in 5th grade in Madison, Rocky's teacher sent home a note requesting a conference to discuss the problems Rocky was having in math. Mom attended and suggested to the teacher he put math lesson practice work into baseball problems for the kid, since Rocky could "in his head" update a player's stats as the game progressed. The teacher did that, was amazed how the kid's math ability, and there was never again a concern about Rocky's math calculations.

When he was 12, Rocky had the opportunity to meet the players of his baseball favorite team. The LA Dodgers were in Houston to play the Astros. The out-of-towners were booked at the Shamrock Hilton on the same dates Rocky's mother was playing piano and singing in the piano bar. Players were so impressed with Rocky's knowledge of their stats that they made sure the kid had free tickets to games. Some of the players said the kid knew the stats better than the player himself. One star player was known to never hit the bars with his fellow team members, yet he had to come to the piano bar to see this phenom kid who knew all the stats.

Not only did Rocky enjoy watching games, he actually made them up while pretending to be the announcer. He would record the imaginary 9 innings of a baseball game, citing all the players and their stats, and then "interview" some members of the winning team. 

During his teen and adult years, Rocky has met many professional athletes and has the greatest respect for the talent and amount of work all players, whether professional or not, must put into the game.

Dallas sports fans have heard Rocky on call-in shows, not always agreeing with the show's host. When a local host thought Tony Romo would never be worth anything to the Dallas Cowboys, Rocky absolutely disagreed, stating Romo was a great choice and that the show's host was very wrong. Once Romo proved himself as an asset, Rocky called back in to the show, but his call was not taken and never again did that show's host allow Rocky to state his personal opinion. 

Bottom line is Rocky simply loves all sports and holds the greatest respect and admiration for players. He loves chatting with friends about sports and is rarely wrong when predicting outcomes.

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